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Materials & Sustainability

All of VAVA's laces are deadstock, surplus yardage from larger manufacturers and mills at the end of their production cycles.  This is actually a really common way for small brands and independent designers to source materials, because we can’t meet the purchase minimums of large fabric suppliers.  For me, this means the opportunity to source some of the best laces on the market despite my (teeny-tiny) size, and to make sure that those materials are sewn into something beautiful instead of winding up in a landfill.

I'm also in the process of introducing pieces made with Organic Cotton that is grown, milled, knit and dyed in the US.  Look for more information on these amazingly traceable pieces soon.

There is, however, no “sustainable” way to produce clothing on the scale that we have been.  Above all, VAVA's commitment to sustainability is expressed in a commitment to quality.  I aim to make pieces you want to wear everyday, and that are up to the challenge.