VAVA does not currently have standard wholesale offerings; we’re opting to grow slowly so that we never have to compromise on our price point or our quality standards.  We also like to stay super connected to our customer base so that we can continually improve our offerings, and we believe direct sales are the best way to facilitate this.

However, we also love a well curated boutique.  Entering into a beautiful space where you can touch, feel, and try on a design before you make a purchase is a unique and wonderful experience that internet shopping will never compare to or replace.

To offer our customers the best of both worlds, we’re pursuing partnerships with select retailers that are an especially good fit for VAVA designs. We love bringing our goods for trunk shows and pop-up events, and offer customized wholesale offerings and exclusive designs upon request.

Below is a list of our current retail partners and why we love working with them.  If you think your boutique would be a good fit for us, or if you’re interested in hosting a VAVA trunk show or pop-up event, drop us a line at alyssa@vavalingerie.com.


Retail Partners:


Altar — 3279 SE Hawthorne Blvd — Portland, OR 97214

Darkly beautiful and meticulously curated, Altar in SE Portland is our first and only retail partner thus far. They stock exclusively NW alternative handmade goods, and are a huge presence in Portland’s growing independent fashion scene. They manufacture and sell their own house line of super-sexy apparel, and co-produce two local fashion shows every year, one of which is lingerie specific.  Not only that, they’re also owned by two incredibly badass, creatively tenacious babes.