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Hello, Welcome.

VAVA Lingerie is a one-woman operation with a passion for comfort, impeccable fit, and personalized customer service.

Orders are accepted in small batches, and will be open again in the Fall. In the meantime, check out my sale/ready to ship section.


This is the most beautiful lingerie I have ever had, and a bra has never fit me better!

Julia, 36E

My goal is to never wear a non-VAVA bra again.

Candace, 46G

The best and most beautiful piece of lingerie I own. Honestly I didn’t know a bra could fit like this!!

Katharine, 36B

Do you even know the magic of underwear that fits you? Like actually 100% no kidding fits you? Because if not y'all need to hop on that train. It's left the station and it's headed to the magical land of Actually You Never Have To Wear Underwire Bras Ever Freaking Again.

Emily, 44i

Beautiful and Comfortable. I wish all of my bras were like this one.

Shawna, 34B

Alyssa worked very closely with me over multiple email exchanges to ensure my custom order would fit me well. I felt valued and embraced through the whole communication process.

Anne, 44B