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A (very) General Guide to Fiber Types

by Alyssa Woods |

I was recently telling a friend about the microfiber issues that I touched on in my last post when she stopped me and asked “wait- what are synthetics made of?” Because I’ve spent the last several years soaking up as much I can about fabric, sewing, sewing machines, apparel manufacturing, fibers, material sourcing and supply chains, and just...

Microfiber Pollution 101

by Alyssa Woods |

aka What Happened to the Velvet? It’s funny when you hear something that’s exactly what you would expect, and at the same time something that never occurred to you before. I’ve struggled with whether or not to continue purchasing velvet fabric for VAVA for a while.  As much as I...

Bridal Lookbook 2017

by Alyssa Woods |

I've always offered custom materials options for bridal lingerie, but up until recently had never done a photoshoot to showcase them.  If you're a bride to be or just someone who favors a more pale, ethereal palette, you'll now find a collection of these offering here, but it's not exhaustive!  I've always got more...

VAVA Grand Opening

by Alyssa Woods |

You're Invited!  

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VAVA + Iron Oxide Collaborative Lookbook

by Alyssa Woods |

Recent collab with my friend/jewelry genius Amy Fox of Iron Oxide Designs <3 Shop it here :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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