Sliding Scale

I offer a set number of discounts per month for those who aren't able to afford VAVA designs at full price.

Because I think it's both impossible and insulting for me to attempt to assess your financial situation, access to this offer is open to anyone and is self-assessed.  I know this is a lot of pressure to put on you, and it requires a certain level of trust for this to work long-term.  Here are some thoughts and info to give context to your decision:

  • At my current price point and sales volume, I make about $18/hour. 
  • As statistically confirmed wage gaps based on race, ability, ethnicity, immigration status, class, size, gender and a host of other factors show, some of us have to work much harder to earn the same amount of money as others.  Those who have been most impacted are especially encouraged to take advantage of this offer.
  • If you aren't totally sure whether you feel comfortable using one of these discount codes and think that someone else might be a better candidate, my suggestion would be to wait until the end of the month to give others a chance to use them first. If the code still works at the end of the month, please use it. I want these discounts to be used!
  • So that these discounts are available to as many people as possible, please wait until the last day of the month to use a discount if you have already used one in the past 6 months.

March Sliding Scale Discount Codes:

25% off (2 available this month)

50% off (2 available this month)

As you're shopping, if you'd like help with fit, sizing, style selection, or customization options please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or to request a fit consultation.

If you receive a message that says your discount code "isn’t valid for the items in your cart" it means that the available discounts have been used for this month.  Check back on the 1st for refreshed offers.


If you'd like to support sliding scale pricing you can do so by telling your friends about VAVA, by supporting my work at regular price, or by contributing here.