Boudoir Partners

Sometimes it's hard to see ourselves for the beautiful, badass babes that we are, and seeing yourself through the lens of a talented photographer can be an amazingly transformative experience.  If you're interested in booking a boudoir session with a photographer that will shine a light on your gorgeous, natural beauty, here are a few of my top recommendations.  I guarantee that having nice, well made lingerie that fits you just right will take your photo session to the next level, and I offer 20% your order when you book a session with any of the awesome ladies listed below.  If you don't automatically receive a coupon code when you book your session, just drop me a line with your boudoir session booking info and I'll send one right over!


Juniper and the Sea (Portland, OR)

Kara Pesznecker/The Sensual Photographer (Portland, OR)

Andrea Michelle (Bellingham, WA)

Teri Hofford (Winnipeg, Manitoba)